Thursday, July 2, 2009

Schedule...Things moving!

The donor mom and I both sent the Dr. a personal email yesterday early morning regarding the lack of progress. GUESS WHAT? That got someones REAR IN GEAR because by 9am I had TONS of information that I needed. Including the fact that I had to get my own attorney to draw up a contract between us and the donors. SO, my friend JEN helped me CALM DOWN and CHILLAX. I got everything done.

My schedule looks like this..

July 16 Last BCP

July 21 Start Meds, sono, blood work

July 28 Sono, blood work

August 4 Final Sono, blood work

August 10 Fly out to L.A., meet Dr.

August 11 Transfer the baby embies

August 13 Fly home

I know, it looks easy but I am kind of scared. I am going alone but I have 2 friends out there who will be meeting with me and taking me to my transfer so that is cool!

I have been having some bizarre spotting. I am on continuous BCP's and I was normally suppose to start my period yesterday. So I called the clinic and the nurse told me to take 2 BCP's for 3 days to stop the insanity. So last night I took 2 and still had some spotting this a.m. I hope this doesn't screw things up. I am calling again today to see if there is anything more I should do.

Meantime, My attorney here should have all paper work ready for us and the donor couple today. The donor couple has chosen not to get their own attorney. So our attorney will draft a letter that all parties are in agreement and sent it to L.A. and that part should be DONE!

The donor couple is working on getting the 6 embies to L.A. I should know more about that soon also. It's getting SO CLOSE! 6 weeks 5 days and I'll be pregnant!

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  1. Breathe!!!! I can't wait until you are pregnant with twins!!! It will be here soon enough!!!! Hang in there!!!