Thursday, April 29, 2010

Showered with LOVE!

Here are me & my 5 girls at my baby shower!
It was a blessed occasion with a HUGE turn out!
Hard to believe I was pregnant with the oldest 20 years ago! WOW!

DARLING rattle cupcakes made by my friends daughter

"8" chenille onesie hand made by my friend Jenni
for baby #8

3 hand made blankets
Striped blankie crocheted by my friend Sarah
Lavender knitted by my BFF Jen
John Deere quilt made by my friend Mindy

OH SO PRECIOUS booties knitted by my SIL!


God provided more than we could have ever asked for!

LADIES-I feel like dog DOO DOO!
This BP is NUTS!
That's why it's taken be so long to blog.
The shower took it all out of me girls!
I was emotional/crying through the ENTIRE shower.

I literally have a PANTING EXTRAVAGANZA just getting dressed!
If I do much more than lay on the couch, I'm really worn out!
It's been tough with my DH gone a week at a time.
I count the HOURS until he gets home.
I'm potty training my youngest and he insists I sit on the floor and
watch him pee every 5 minutes-UGH!
The potty trainee is WEARING MAMA SLICK!

I cannot wait to get to the Dr. Tuesday & check out this scene.
I'm tired of laying around like dead wood.

I AM SO THANKFUL for our church family
who brings meals & someone even came today just to take the kids out on a walk and to play-WHAT A BLESSING!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Diaper Bag-Test update..

I just LOVE the Paul Frank Diaper Bag I got BABY GIRL!

It's even CUTER in person!
I got my test results back and the protein numbers haven't changed. This is a good thing. Its still elevated but not any higher. I'm still on bed rest until baby girl gets here.

SO EXCITED for my shower tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

28 Week STUFF!

I am out of breath just showering and getting ready UGH!

Yes, that's her leg above her head :)

I ordered some SWANK thank you notes from EBAY.
Aren't they TOO CUTE?
$15 for 30 cards.

Now on to the exciting news... As most of you know, this is my 8th child.  I have never had a baby shower for any of my adopted babies!  My homeschool group moms are having my FIRST EVER baby shower for me and I could NOT BE MORE EXCITED & THRILLED! It's Saturday. I know it sounds dumb but I have always dreamed of registering for a shower & being at one-surrounded with family and friends. I took 20 minutes (as long as I can be on my feet) and registered at Target yesterday. IT FELT GOOD!


I had my appointment yesterday. We did a regular sono, 3-D sono, my 28 week glucose-PASS, & 24 hour urine protein. 

I won't have the results of the protein test back until today or tomorrow. That will tell the real story. The only concerning thing yesterday was the level of amniotic fluid. It is now on the lowest side of normal which is very common in pregnant moms with hypertension.  They will be monitoring the fluid carefully from here on out. I am on modified bed rest until the birth of the baby and my church just emailed me that they will be brining in meals while my husband is at work.. I CRIED... WHAT A BLESSING. A blessing I would NEVER ask for but truly need.

Monday, April 12, 2010

27 weeks and a CAR SEAT!

Here I am at 27 weeks!

My appointment last week went MUCH better than previous ones! YAY! My BP was 124/75. It was good for the first time EVER at my appointment!  Also, my protein in my urine dipstick was negative!

The new BP med. I am on every 8 hours is really helping me to feel better although I still don't do much without getting winded and exhausted. And she still has me on modified bed rest until delivery. I am grateful for each day she stays safe inside and continues to grow! My doctor says she will not let me go full term and will be THRILLED if I make it to 34 weeks-JUST 7 WEEKS FROM NOW!! YIKES!

Hearing that got my butt in gear!!! Since I gave most ALL of my baby items-including all baby girl clothes to my 3 kids birth mother 2 years ago when she had her baby.  I felt it was time to at least buy the car seat so if I go early, we are somewhat prepared!  Here is the seat I ordered-its shipped and ON THE WAY!  Its the Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat-ZOEY.  LOVE IT!

I have my 3-D sono, 24 hour urine protein & glucose test a week from today! I CAN'T WAIT!

Hope you all have a BLESSED WEEK!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

26 Weeks!

PRAISING HIM for making it to 26 weeks!

I disobeyed Dr's orders and took my 6 little ones to the Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Story at our church yesterday. I called ahead and got some people to help me with the kids so I could just sit with my tootsies UP.  I paid for it later......felt HORRIBLE the rest of the night but it was worth it to get the kids out for a bit-plus they also provided lunch so I didn't have to. I was only gone 1 1/2 hours but BOY it felt like FOREVER. I am so bummed that I have become so LAME!

I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING but sitting on the couch with my feet up & drinking ROOT BEER. I will be SO THANKFUL when my hubby FINALLY gets here in a few hours to relieve me a bit. My energy is just ZAPPED. I get out of breath going pee.

I see the Dr. Tuesday night at 7pm and I cannot wait to talk to her...They increased my BP meds on Wednesday and I think it helped a little bit but it amazes me how just 2 weeks ago I felt fine and now I am "A TRUE COUCH POTATO."

Here's ANOTHER SITE for Hospital Delivery Gowns....DELIVERING COMFORT.  They have a darling black & white polka dot on sale for $29.95 and a coupon at the top for another 10% off.

So thankful to HIM today for dying on the cross for my sins and providing me with 8 wonderful blessings for children including my little "EASTER EGG" that I am growing!

Happy Easter to you ALL! HE IS RISEN!