Sunday, November 14, 2010

5 Months TODAY!

I LOVE books!
Mommy thinks I'm smart but I REALLY DO understand them!

I just found my thumb, its pretty good...

I am still just nursing-that milk is GOOD STUFF. They don't call it LIQUID GOLD for NOTHIN!Mommy sometimes gives me a little nibble of her food too!
I even got to lick a sucker today after church!
Mommy says I'm "rollin' all over tarnation!"
I LOVE my cloth diapers-super soft on my hiney!
I REALLY HATE NAPPING during the day but I sleep really good at night for mommy.

Most importantly, I am still LOVED AND ADORED by all of my 7 brothers and sisters.  I hear them fighting over who gets to hold me LOTS of times a day.

Mommy says I am a Gift from GOD ALMIGHTY and I hear my family from my 3 year old brother all the way up to Daddy thank God for me in their prayers constantly.

Daddy says I will get anything I want, whenever I want when I get bigger.
Sounds good to me!