Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Disgusting!

Where do I even begin on this post. I am STRESSED TO THE HILT! AF started RIGHT ON TIME on Saturday night. THAT PSYCHO CAME ON WITH A VENGEANCE! I have had the heaviest, most bloated uncomfortable period in my 39 years. Last night I went in and sat on the pot and heard a big "PLOP." I know this is graphic but I must have this on my blog "FOR THE RECORD." A golf ball size solid clot-I WAS SO SCARED! I called my RE nurse cell phone and she simply said "that's normal after being on BCP's so long." Why do I always feel calmer just hearing her voice? She said if it happened again last night to call back. It didn't and I had a RESTLESS night sleep.

I was able to shower before my little ones awoke AND my babysitter was on time. My GYN's office is 1 hour away. I prayed over my belly all the way there that those 2 cysts would be gone. I arrived for my Estrogen level blood draw and my ultrasound. My 2 large cysts WERE GONE! Thank you LORD! AND as I was leaving the clinic the cryo bank in TX called to tell me that my 6 baby embies will be shipping out tomorrow to CA! They will be safely in CA by Thursday. I asked all the typical mommy questions. "Will they be safe on their flight?" "What are the chances of them thawing or getting lost." and MUCH more. I was reassured that they will be safe in their canisters and even if they get lost, they will stay frozen inside for 10 days. WHEW!

As I was on my way home, my RE's office called. She said "I got your ultrasound but not your lab. Do you know where the estrogen level is?" So, I called my GYN's office and they said "Yes, we ran it STAT but STAT to us means TOMORROW MORNING." WHAT THE???? Yes, that's right people, when you live in THE STICKS there is no lab that is run STAT anywhere close. In order to get STAT lab, I would have to drive about 3 hours-AIN'T HAPPENIN PEEPS. SO, then the RE nurse calls me back & says this "Well, they found an 18mm cyst OR follicle on your left ovary so until I get your lab back so we know for sure that the follicle or cyst is not producing estrogen, you are on hold with your estrogen shot for tonight." DOUBLE UGH!! AND then she said THIS "and if it IS producing estrogen....YOUR TRANSFER WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS CYCLE." That is about when I PANICKED! So, now I must wait until tomorrow morning to see if I am an estrogen mess or not. My friend Jen & my GYN's nurse have both convinced me that there is most likely NO WAY it is an active follicle since I have been on continuous BCP's for months and am only on CD4 of my first period in 3 months. They are both convinced it is one of my shrunken up cysts and for tonight, I am choosing to believe right along with them. I will admit, I thought about taking one of those Valium I was prescribed as I am SO KEYED UP. Thankfully I have chilled out now.

Dear Lord, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let my estrogen be high. Please let it just be a normal old boring low number. I pray for your comforting arms to surround me tonight so I can sleep soundly. I pray that I will not have to wait to long in the morning for my results and if I do, that you give me the patience I need to not be a grumpy waiter. Thank you for all the blessings in my life. Please watch over my 6 embies & keep them snuggled in and safe as they make their journey 1/2 way home tomorrow. AMEN


  1. Hang in there- we are going to get the transfer done this cycle- I promise- we need to hit the pavement running about EA!!!! The time is NOW!!!

  2. Don't get yourself too upset, wait to see what your estrogen is. Like your friend said, it's unlikely that it's a follicle. Just focus on those embies...coming to California! Now go breathe!