Monday, July 13, 2009


Today I woke up, went to the bathroom and had "issues" meaning it was just like I was starting my period. I have had some spotting all along since I started this last pack of BCP's. I take 2 a day you know. But like I said, today was different.

SO, I proceed to call my RE's office 3 times and then the office is closed and STILL Noone has called me back about my "gushing." SO, I call and ask that the Dr. be paged (MAINLY BECAUSE I WAS A PANICKED CONTROL FREAK WHO JUST KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO END MY CYCLE)He told me to page him ANY TIME! Instead of paging him, they transferred me to the nurse still in the office who QUICKLY apologized that she had been on VACA for the last week (like I didn't know, I call EVERY DAY). My acupuncture really helped CHILLAX me and I also took a 2 mile bike ride when I got home (the pedalling kind).

She eased my mind quickly and assured me not to worry & that this happens all the time and since I have been on my BCP's for several months, my lining should be nice and thin and I will probably still have a small period after I stop my BCP's Thursday. She assured me this rarely if ever screws up anyones cycle-WHEW!

She went on to tell me that I would be getting a call this evening from the mail order pharmacy about my meds. She was right, they called. I expected the total to be much more, I don't know why. For ALL my meds, syringes, EVERYTHING-the grand total is $237.17 THEY WILL BE HERE FRIDAY! WOO HOO! She also told me after my 1st ultrasound on the 21st to BOOK MY AIRLINE TICKETS BABY! SO exciting!

After we got off the phone, I asked my DH "SO, do you want to know what's going on with me?" He said "yep." SO, I got out my calendar explained all the ultrasounds, acupuncture, shots, pricing, spotting and everything else I have going on and he was actually really patient and interested in all of it. COULD IT BE because I just spent time helping him pick out the perfect luggage rack for our Harley?

So here's my cost break down for our embryo adoption and FET. The donors were tested 6 months ago so I don't have to pay the normal $500 for that.

$2200 FET
$500 Acupuncture in L.A.
$295 Shipping the embies from TX to LA
$237 Meds
FREE Legal (our friend is doing it)
FREE Travel to L.A.-thank God for frequent hotel stays and airline miles.

$3232 GRAND TOTAL My hubby thought it was a very good total!

Thank you Lord for making this financially "affordable" for us. Thank you for providing the money we need to help unfreeze our precious babies. Thank for NEVER ONCE closing a door in this process. Thank you for the reminder that these orphans need a home just like so many around the globe.


  1. This is so exciting! I'm praying for you!!

  2. Great news that the spotting was no big deal. That must have been a huge relief! Wow, your expenses are MUCH less than mine - and we didn't have to ship embies at all. And it's great that your DH sat and listened patiently. Now THERE'S something! You're on your way!

  3. I am so happy for you- now RELAX!!!! The babies need you to relax and breathe!!!!!


  4. That is GREAT about the meds!! That is one of my concerns, but it wasn't bad at all for you!

    And I am so glad the spotting was not a big deal! There is so much to freak about during this process! I kinda wish since it's been so hard up until now to get pregnant, we could just have it easy from now on! :)

    Can't wait to read more about your transfer coming up, and I'm right behind you!!