Thursday, July 23, 2009

Parenting Magazine-"Fate of Frozen Embryos"

Click here to read an interesting article in Parenting Magazine about "The Fate of Frozen Embryos." Although I don't agree with all of it, I'm glad the fate of these little lives is "getting out there." It doesn't mention embryo adoption but embryo donation.This quote from the article REALLY made me think of just how precious these frozen babies are..

"I don't think anybody knows what their opinion is until they're in this situation," says Ginny Scott of Austin, TX. She had one embryo left after giving birth to her children, now 7 and 6. After two years of deliberating possibilities that never seemed right, she and her husband decided to use it to have another baby—her now 3-year-old daughter. One unused embryo, she says, "changed my whole life." She's thankful for her daughter, but also thankful she had only one embryo remaining.


  1. Thanks so much for looking for and posting these articles. I personally feel that since I have been so very blessed to have 2 of these miracles growing inside of me, I need to spread the word that these really are babies, just in a frozen state who need the proper womb to grow!!!


  2. Nice article that really explores the issue. Incidentally, the parents who donated our embryos to us had a hard time making a decision about what to do with their remaining embryos and paid storage fees for 5 or 6 years until they finally felt able to take the step to donation. A decision I feel eternally grateful for!