Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Almost Final...Parents to 6 more!

The donor mom emailed me a little while ago and told me that our attorney contacted her and all legal paperwork should be finalized by this weekend. She said this "Pretty soon we will have nothing left to do but pray pray pray for you guys and the embies!" Then she said this "Wow—your transfer sounds really GOOD!! Ocean view—that’s the way to go—and you will be so close to God looking at his beautiful creation and experiencing a miracle." I will admit, I cried. I am overwhelmed at the kindness of these strangers whom we may NEVER meet this side of heaven. Strangers who, God placed in our lives to fullfill our dream & his dream for these precious frozen ones.

As soon as the contract is signed by us & notarized, it will be sent to them and they will sign and notarize it. Then a copy will be sent to my clinic in L.A. and our 6 precious ones will be sent from TX to CA. The cost to send the embryos is $250 with a $45 handling fee. The clinic will bill us for that later.

These babies have been all over the country which is ironic since my DH is a pilot! The donor couple is from the East Coast but went to FL where the embies were created then after the transfer they flew them to TX for cryopreservation-now they are headed to L.A.!

I made my acupuncture appointments today for before and after the FET while I am in L.A.! I was SHOCKED that it would be $500. I look at it this way, normally the adopting family pays for blood work for the donating couple that is around $500. Since these embryos were just created in February, the lab work is still good so we don't have to pay it.

Speaking of them being created in February....These embryos were created by a couple using DH sperm and donor egg. That means that the donor mom is 5 months pregnant. (her eggs were NOT used but donor eggs were used & her DH's sperm) CORNFUSED YET? So, when I get pregnant in August, we will be pregnant at the same time for a couple of months with blood siblings-I think that is SO NEAT!

I am SO looking forward to being on the beach with my friend Kate! Have I mentioned that my DH is not going with me? I will be MUCH LESS STRESSED if I know he is at home with our little ones while I am away. PLUS, as I mentioned, he is a pilot so he travels several days each month-so staying in hotel is NOT A TREAT for him but it is for me!

Kate will be there to haul me all over and enjoy a break from her life while she babies me! She volunteered! And she lives in L.A.-BONUS! She is also a friend with a strong faith in Jesus who I am looking forward to praying with. She owns a phenomenal Christian business out there. GIRL TIME! I can't wait.

Jen also told me on the phone tonight NOT TO FORGET to eat pineapple a few days before and also after the transfer. Not pineapple out of a can but FRESH pineapple. And you don't eat the sweet stuff-you eat the core. HEY, whatever it takes! It supposedly helps with implantation of the baby embies!

As the transfer gets closer I feel like this embryo adoption is a FULL TIME JOB! SO MUCH GOING ON EVERY DAY!

Thank you Lord for making this process run so smoothly for without you, NOTHING would be possible! I praise you for all you have given me. I thank you so much for Jen-my friend who talks to me for hours on end and gives me MUCH encouragment. For the sacrifice of your Son. For the sacrifice this precious couple is making to realize our dreams and give these embies a chance at "life". It is all incomprehensible to me Lord but I know it is all in your precious plan. I cannot wait to meet the sweet little ones in person that will call me mommy.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words in my blog. It seems my life is like a roller coaster lately. I hope the upswing is in the next bend!!!!
    Will be keeping you in my prayers---and your babies!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I have been looking for others going through embryo adoption because I do still have so many questions. I'll be reading through your blog and following your journey. Good Luck!

    If I have questions do you mind if I email you. My email is Breen_81 at

  3. I am so excited that it is all coming together- I too feel very blessed that God has brought us together. You have given me tremendous support as well.

    I wish I would be able to be with you for the transfer!!!