Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DUE DATES...5 weeks

Yes, I realize I'm a bit insane to be figuring this out already but too late, I did, I'm trying to plan EVERY DETAIL LOL! I mean I just don't have enough to stress and worry about. What can I say, I'M A PLANNER!!

I went HERE to get my due dates.

So if all goes perfect and I have my August 11 transfer...

April 29th-SINGLETON

April 7th-TWINS (what I'm secretly routing and praying for-don't tell my hubby)

March 10th-TRIPLETS

Please Lord just give me whatever children you want as long as they are healthy and I at least have one. I promise to fight for other frozen embies, raise awareness and tell my story as a testimony to the beauty of Embryo Adoption. Thank you Lord for this wonderful opportunity!

I have made my reservations in L.A. today! I found a FABULOUS room with an OCEAN VIEW! I figure if I have to lay flat for 24-I may as well have a beautiful view right?

5 weeks from today, I'll be pregnant!! Off to acupuncture!


  1. You ARE a planner, aren't you?! Wow, your transfer is just about a month away. Time is getting close! In other matters, yes, my Clinic forbids exercising because Lupron can cause the bones to weaken (it's only temporary, I'm sure) and I guess they don't want you to jump too hard and break a bone.

    Yes, embryo adoption/donation is a beautiful thing!

  2. I can't wait until you are pregnant, too, so we can truly begin our mission!!!! We need to put faces on embryos so others will consider adoption verse death from scientific research, neverending freezing, or thawing.

    So excited for you!!!!