Friday, May 28, 2010

34 Weeks and COUNTING!

I am SO THANKFUL to have made it to 34 weeks!


My twin-boobs and all at 34 weeks :)

I see my Dr. weekly now.  My latest 24 hour urine last week wasn't the best. My protein went up from 170 to around 500.  My Dr. says that she expects it to rise as the stress on my body from baby gets worse.  I do my next one on Tuesday.  I had an NST (non stress test) yesterday and the baby looked great. I was having a few small contractions according to the strip but didn't feel a thing.

Baby is still breech.  She weighed 4lb 5 ozs over a week ago so she's getting bigger and the good news is AFTER 34 weeks I can deliver at MY hospital-no special trips to THE BIG CITY needed-WHEW! Thank you Lord for getting us this far!

My church is continuing to provide meals while my DH is working-SUCH A BLESSING!

I basically lay around ALL DAY LONG and feel like doing nothing more at this point. Bed rest STINKS PEOPLE! But its worth it!

The pressure is making MY CROTCH THROB LIKE MAD unless I am lying down UGH! That is really my only complaint.

Hard to believe-I will be meeting my precious miracle girl soon-GOD IS GOOD!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


HERE I AM Today at 32 Weeks!
YOWZA I weigh a lot!

I've been SO LAZY and tired lately. I am thankful I am on bed rest because honestly, I don't feel like I can do much more than lay around, eat and shower LOL.  I'm even too exhausted to blog much-UGH!

Monday-I had a stabbing pain in the left side of my abdomen for several hours that would not go away. My doctor wanted to check it out so I went to L & D and got monitored.
DIAGNOSIS....Strained tummy muscle.  This can happen as your belly grows especially if you don't get around much-like me.

The good news is, my cervix is closed and thick, I was having ZERO contractions and Baby Girl looked FABULOUS on the monitor-glad my mind was put to ease. The pain is completely gone now.

Here I am at the hospital in one of my HOT gowns :)

The Saturday before, My hubby asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day and truly, I wanted a pedicure and Olive Garden.
He dropped me off at the door of the nail salon and this is what I got-LOVE MY TOES!
Then all 8 of us went to Olive Garden. I kept my tootsies up all the way there and back.

My Dr. appointment a couple weeks ago went well, my amniotic fluid was up from 12 to 15!

I have my next appointment on May 20. They will measure baby then and I will also have my next 24 hour urine that day.

God has granted me the grace of making it this far, I just pray I can keep her inside and she will keep  growing for several more weeks!

The crazy thing is...
I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I AM PREGNANT and it's almost over...
It is such a surreal experience.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

30 WEEKS! Photo Shoot!

HAPPY 30th Week baby girl!

I've always DREAMED of a fancy maternity shoot but
Since I am HOME BOUND on bed rest,
My good friend offered to help me out and I decided we would give it a whirl yesterday.
Just 2 moms-having fun!
I was SO HAPPY with the way they turned out!

Here are some of our favorites!


I also got the changing table delivered and since there were only 3 steps, the kids and I put it together very quickly!

I see the Dr. on Tuesday and I can't wait to see how my amniotic fluid level is doing. 

My church has brought meals this entire week and one of my BFF's took 4 kids for the night last night-I REALLY got some rest!

GOD is just REALLY taking care of me and providing just what I need to make it through on bed rest while my hubby is away.