Friday, July 3, 2009

Big GUNS...

Well, I woke up this morning with my bleeding heavier-almost like a light period with cramps and everything. Even after taking 2 BCP's a day for 2 days, apparently my body KNOWS it's time to cycle and is fighting the BCP's with all its might!

Even though it is the day before the 4th, my Dr. in L.A. promptly called me back and called in "THE BIG GUNS" a higher dose BCP and told me to take one right away and one right before bed. One in the morning and one at night for 3 days until this bleeding goes away totally. I took the first pill and have had no bleeding since then-YAY! Seems so bizarre to be "on the pill" at 39. Makes me want to put back on that argyle sweater and get my "mall bangs" on from the 80's!

I was nervous to get the prescription filled because one of my friends husbands is the pharmacist at WALLY WORLD and no one here knows of our plans. AND in the sicks there is nowhere else to go! AND I'M PARANOID! I'll admit it! I am in the mid-west and here is a prescription being called in from L.A. I'm sure he wondered "hmmmmmmmm...."

My acupuncture was phenomenal as always-so relaxing! We are leaving tomorrow to spend time with family and then heading on a motorcycle ride all day on Sunday.

May you all have a blessed 4th!


  1. I just knew there were "Big Guns" that could be called in to stop the flow!!!! Now relax!!!


  2. So glad the BCPs got everything under control and now you are about to stop taking them and get on with the REAL party! Here come the big meds! I had all my fertility meds shipped to me from an out of town pharmacy. Hopefully you won't have to go into the local pharmacy to pick up your lupron, estrogen or progesterone! Good luck! Just a month away!