Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Pack?

Hoping and praying this will be my last pack of these for the next 10 months or so! I took the first pill last night! I am so excited! I should be getting my official "FET Schedule" this week! I am thinking I will take my last BCP around July 15 or 16.

Acupuncture is going fantastic! It is so relaxing and wonderful really! I'm still going twice a week.We are praying that God will help speed along the legal paperwork that needs to take place to get the 6 embies moved to L.A. and that it will happen quickly and smoothly. The clinic is sent all paperwork to the donors yesterday. I'm a worry wart! I know God's got this covered but I will feel so much better once they are in L.A. & even BETTER when I am there to join them!

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