Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've Been PUNCT!!

ACUPUNCT!! I had my first acupuncture treatment yesterday! It was really cool. Just HAD to take a pic LOL! She left the needles in for about 15 minutes. The needles were down the mid-line and around my tummy, wrists and ankles. I will go twice a week for 4 weeks and once the last 2 weeks. Just 7 weeks and I will be having my transfer!!
The donor couple had a phone consult with my Dr. on Saturday. They really liked him too and said that it went very well! Now we just need to get the embies moved from where they are to my clinic and everything should be great!

I have my saline ultrasound on Thursday. Praying that all goes perfect & I have a perfectly smooth uterus on the inside!

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