Sunday, June 28, 2009


I decided to start this anonymous blog to VENT and gain support for our new journey through infertility....while at the same time respecting my hubs wishes to keep it PRIVATE...MEN!

Heres the SCOOP on us so far... Me-late 30's, DH-40's. We have adopted some precious children. We chose adoption because we had no funds for IVF 7 years ago when we got our infertility news. WELL...things have changed and my TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

My GYN told me a few weeks ago that unless I was pregnant soon, it would be in my best interest to remove the rest of my female "parts." I had honestly lost ANY DESIRE to get pregnant many years ago. THAT IS, UNTIL SHE THREATENED TO TAKE IT AWAY. The thought of losing any chance of every having a baby with my DH whom I adore was devastating.
We have MANY things stacked against us...

  • DH-zero sperm count azoospermia
  • I have only 1 ovary
  • Our age

But we have one BIG THING in our favor.....JESUS!

So, let me tell you where we started. We knew 7 years ago when we saw our RE (reproductive endocrinologist) right after we were married that I had blocked tubes from endo and then quickly found out DH had zero sperm SO. We knew where to start this time.

He saw a urologist last week , did another semen analysis which again resulted in zero. He then had FSH lab drawn which came back normal just yesterday. If the FSH is HIGH, this indicates a 95% chance that no sperm is being produced. If it's normal, there is a good chance the Urologist can extract some by doing a testicular biopsy. He will have this procedure done next Tuesday-HAPPY CINCO de MAYO honey! He even asked me to ask the nurse if he could ride his HARLEY to and from the procedure-GET REAL PEEPS! I am on BCP's to regulate my cycle and just waiting DH's results to move on to the next step in this journey.

So, we are praying for sperm at this point and also IVF & considering possible EA (embryo adoption) as an option. Any feedback, prayers, POSITIVE IVF stories or anything else to lift my spirits would be SO APPRECIATED!

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