Sunday, June 28, 2009


The doctor called this evening with GOOD NEWS! He says since my cysts give me absolutely no pain or problems we have 2 choices... Leave them alone and proceed with the transfer or right before the transfer I can endure about 3 seconds of intense pain and have them drained. I have time to think about it. The important thing is that we can MOVE FORWARD with our August transfer date-no ROAD BLOCK!

Now, the next step is just getting all the legal paper work done and getting the embies to the clinic in a TIMELY FASHION! The donor couple has to do most of this since the embies are in their name. So, my prayer for tonight is that the paper work moves forward smoothly with no snags & the donor couple is comforted as they let go. He assured me that he or his nurse would be calling me no later than Monday to give me an update on the situation.

From the very beginning of this process I have prayed that if God does not want this to happen-make it obvious! And this has been nothing more than one miracle after another! I must continue to keep my focus on HIM-the true creator of life and all will go according to HIS plan and purpose!

I have my next acupuncture on Monday-3 times next week. I'm hoping that may help decrease the cyst size also. Something else bizarre-I ALREADY FEEL PREGNANT AND I KNOW I'M NOT? No, I'm not nuts, just being honest! Until next time.....

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