Sunday, June 28, 2009

FINALLY...THE Results....

After a good cry, I will share with you that my hubs had ZERO sperm after his testicular biopsy. The bad and sad news is....We WILL NEVER HAVE A BIO child of our own. The GOOD NEWS IS.. God is in control, HE knows it ALL! We praise him still. We will be moving forward with embryo adoption and are VERY EXCITED about this :) CLICK HERE to read more about it. We know now that this is God's plan for our family.

Truthfully, I was SCARED to create a bunch of embryos and then possibly not use all of them. Then we would be IN THE SAME BOAT as the other people who have created over 500,000 embryos that they are adopting out. Embryo adoption is MUCH CHEAPER $4,000-6,000 per cycle. One cycle of IVF with my old eggs and the hubs sperm would have been $12,000. God knows what he's doing. At this point we will not be sharing this with any friends or family. We just want to keep it to ourselves and will just be telling everyone that we will be going forward with IVF! Which is true!

I am keeping this blog because some day, I may want to share it with someone but right now... NOT SO MUCH. I am grieving today for the children we will never have but being adopted myself, am VERY EXCITED for the days to come.

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