Sunday, June 28, 2009

News.. AND it's GOOD!!!

I am very excited! We have signed up through NEDC and just found out we will have to wait AT LEAST until 2010 for our first appointment. Plus pay an additional $1500 for a home study. I will be 39 this month and just thought.."There must be another way to get pregnant before I turn 40!"

So, I have been in contact with lots of other embryo recipients and we also put our names on the list at MIRACLES WAITING. MW is a site where you pay $100 and then you put your "ad" as an embryo recipient on the site and potential donors look at your profile. I have read of SEVERAL being matched this way & it is MUCH less costly than many other programs.

But, I found an even better situation that will happen much quicker for us. It is at UCLA. We will have a phone consult with the doctor on Tuesday, June 16th. I've already faxed him ALL my medical records and my hubbys plus our insurance. Our insurance will cover the $260 phone consultation. The BEST news is that they have available embryos NOW! BETTER NEWS.....They have at least 6 available Hispanic donors. Since I am 1/2 Mexican, I really thought it would be awesome to have at least one of the donors be Hispanic. All donors are anonymous. You know all their specifics, health history etc.. but not open.

Here are the prices in case you are curious...

Phone Consultation $260 (covered by some insurance-including mine ;)

FET $2200

DONOR STD Testing (FDA required)$500

Legal contract $1100

Medications $300-400


Grand Total $4460 plus...your travel fees. VERY REASONABLE!

I will keep you updated!

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  1. I'm not sure if you still read this-but I was wondering, what clinic did you use in LA? How did you decide on it?