Monday, March 29, 2010

25 weeks!

Here I am at 25 weeks!
Not the best belly pic but this dress is SUPER COMFY!

Here is my new "BLING" until my old ring fits again.
Compliments of EBAY...$7.99 including shipping.

I have tried to "lay low." Went to church yesterday and that flat WORE ME OUT!  I also took the kids to AWANA at church and dropped them off last night (I usually stay and volunteer) and went to a friends house and layed down for the 2 hours they were there.  I got home and my BP was 170/102 so I quick layed on my left side and elevated my feet and it was back to normal in a bit.

The hubby did ALL my grocery shopping this past week for the first time-he did AWESOME! Only forgot one thing!

Craving....ROOT BEER! Doing KEGELS LIKE CRAZY! What else have I got to do?

BABY GIRL loves to get up and kick her buns off around 5am every morning :) SO SWEET!

I have one reality for ya'all... DISCHARGE! EWWWW, it's really picked up in the last few weeks-to the point where a panty liner is necessary-glad THE BOOK explains it all or I would have thought something was wrong with me.

I have yet to experience any stretch marks on my belly and my belly button is still an "INNIE" for now.

This is my first week flying solo without my man around while on "LOCK DOWN" status.  Counting the days until my man gets home!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. How cute are you!? I LOVE the dress. And you were smart to take your ring off when you noticed it wasn't fitting... mine is officially stuck on and there won't be any taking it off until I'm not so poofy. Hope that doesn't cause me any trouble.... :/

  2. I like the dress, but, CUTE SHOES!!! I love shoes...

    " Doing KEGELS LIKE CRAZY!" You ARE livin' it up, sister! LOL!!!

  3. For some reason today my blogger won't show me any pictures. Grrr... wish I could fix it but don't know how. I'll check back later and see if I can see your pics. Anyway, so glad to hear that you are taking it a bit slower. Wish I lived a bit closer to be able to help out.

  4. You look amazing! And I'm so excited for another milestone! I'll call you this week to make sure you're "Obeying the rules"! Love the new "bling"...You're too cute!

  5. Woo-Hoo!! I see pics again :) Awww... love the dress and ring. You are such a cute prego's mama :)

  6. Cute shoes AND matching necklace :) I have to say I keep craving Root Beer too! Just don't get the diet kind if you can avoid it. Anyway RB is great because it is caffiene free! I actually "shared" a regular pepsi with my husband last night...turns out he only had like two sips he told me and it was 9:00 PM! I thought I'd be up all night but I slept better than I had in ages! Funny how that works. Exciting to hear your girl is kicking a lot! Clint got to feel them moving for the first time last night so that was super exciting - for me at least. Continue to do well!

  7. You are soooo cute! I love the belly!

    Hope the BP issues calm down. Thinking of you!