Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RE Disorganization!

Got a call at 8pm last night from my RE nurse. She wanted to know if AF came and let me know what my next steps will be. I started BCP's on Monday CD2 and will continue taking them until Sept. 24. I will have my sono and estradiol checked on the 24th too. Then she said "Well, I'll fax the orders over! Looks like we are ALL SET for October 20th."

I got a call at 8:14 with some news that REALLY TICKED ME OFF! It was her again. She said this......"The doctor just informed me that he will be at a conference the days you were going to be here. We can transfer the 22nd if you want." (the day I was flying home) WHAT ON EARTH?? I sent both her and the doctor the email with my dates and they said it was "ALL GOOD!" I had airline, hotel reservations, acupuncturist coming, a friend going with me who took off work and a friend in L.A. to pick us up from the airport! Not to mention my daughters birthday party was SUPPOSE TO BE the 23rd.

She didn't act too helpful at all basically saying that is just the way it goes & blamed it on him. So I scrambled last night to change my reservations EVERYWHERE. I will most likely be getting my FET the 22nd. I will fly in the a.m. of the 22nd and fly out the 24th-a much quicker trip than I wanted BUT to change it for an extra day was going to cost me and my friend $200.

Does anyone else feel their RE's office is somewhat DISORGANIZED?

I know God has a plan here but it is still upsetting to have to make all these changes.

(but I'm not happy about it)


  1. That is outrageous! But I agree, it feels like sometimes these RE's are just complete chaos. I got a bill in the mail for like $200 the other day from the first RE we saw (the one who hadn't even examined me, or looked at ANY of my records or HSG and wanted to remove my tubes - IDIOT) for cryo-sperm preservation. SHEESH! He didn't even have any of my hubby's sperm to freeze! I was not a fun person to get a phone call from that day, needless to say they fixed things. Hang in there sister, you are getting so close! :)

  2. Hang in there! Yes they can be unorganized at times. They will be safely in their mommas belly soon :)

  3. Holy cow! That would make me mad!!! We are at their mercy and they know it so they are not too worried about it. Sorry for this bump in the road. Praying that it all goes smoothly from here on out.

  4. So sorry to hear that!!!


  5. That would have infuriated me. Good grief. They should have realized how many plans and reservations you'd have to make (and now re-make). Unbelievable.