Thursday, September 24, 2009


I had my baseline u/s yesterday. The uterus looked perfect but there was a cyst in my ovary. 13cm by 15cm. I am praying it away. The tech told me it was there but says it may resolve. I will anxiously await my Dr's phone call today to report on that an my estradiol level.

For heaven's sakes. All I have left is one ovary and my uterus-the rest is history and I HAVE TO HAVE A PROBLEM! Why me?

I am off to have a massage and adjustment by my chiropractor-hopefully it will chill me out!

PLEASE LORD, I have so much riding on this. Plane tickets are purchased, all is ready and set. Sorry I'm angry, I know it is all in your timing. Please let this cycle work & make that dumb cyst go away.


  1. I had a cyst during my first cycle, it burst and ended up making me bleed by tricking the my body into having a period,since they are filled with hormones.But that is not the usual case most don't interfere at all.My doctor was not really concerned about it until it burst.So I am sure you will be fine.You are in my thoughts and prayers.((hugs))

  2. I had a cyst was just a leftover (empty) and didn't interfere with my cycle at all. So don't give up just yet. Hopefully it's nothing to be concerned about because after all....YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH SOME EMBRYOS! Thinking of you.