Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Best??

SUPPOSEDLY-these are some of the best tests you can buy. I am on another board and all the moms swear by these DOLLAR TREE PREGNANCY tests. I was near a Dollar Tree last week so I thought "what the heck" and bought some. For $1-you can't beat it! I will be POAS! Something tells me with my OCD behavior I may need more that 3 :) I also bought myself something else that I am thinking may have "jinxed" me. I bought a $2 black Gap maternity shirt size XL at a garage sale. I figure if I'm having twins, size XL will be perfect but I am thinking that was a "bad move" and may send it to my friend Jen instead. Jen who actually IS pregnant and me, well....I'm not yet but there's nothing wrong with thinking positive right?

I am having my baseline u/s and estradiol tomorrow at 1:30pm-time to get this party started again! I take my last BCP Thursday and then I will wait for this FET cycle to begin and before I know it, I will be meeting my two sweet baby embryos for the first time! Exciting yet very intense and scary at the same time!

Lord-lets face it, you know I am a NERVOUS WRECK OVER HERE! I need you to calm my nerves (as usual). This whole process is REALLY happening and I can feel the tension in my entire being. Please help my stress to be minimal and my tension to ease. With just 30 days to go (but who's counting?) I am just praying for the strength and serenity I need to be a good mommy to the kids I already have and the sweet ones that await me. And please help me not to drive my DH completely crazy. AMEN


  1. Hey!! I think that you and I have the same addiction!!! LOL Hope they all show 2 pink lines soon!

  2. Haha omg the dollar tree. I had never stepped foot in one until the other day and for some reason I bought 8 tests!!! haha My hubby looked at me like I was crazy!! :0)

    Good luck gily!

  3. I used a few of those to confirm this PG but I also used 2 other brands.It was like once you start peeing on things and it turns positive you just can't stop yourself.LOL

  4. Oh my goodness...those Dollar Tree hpts! I used to buy those 4 at a time and I NEVER EVER EVER got to see double lines on them. I'd pee on them during 2ww's back when we were still trying sex to have a baby. Anyway, after I was about 8 weeks pregnant with the donated embryo, I actually went to a Dollar Tree to buy one of those tests. Just for ONCE I wanted to see the doggone thing be positive! And I did. So I hope they bring you luck! Yay for starting the party!