Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thinking BEACHY thoughts...

We are off on our vacation to the beach where I will be free of MOST pregnancy thoughts :)

I am however thinking about how 2 or possibly 4 little feet may make it a much more interesting vacation next summer!

Can't wait to sink my toes in the sand! I'll wiggle them around for you too!

AF still has not come & with my luck will decide to rear her head during my beach VACA where I can only wear a pad with my swimsuit-Isn't that HOT? (no tampons until after my post surgery check up)

Talk to you all when we get back!

Dear Lord,

Thanks for letting me ENJOY my VACA with my family without having to worry about any IF stuff. Thank you for allowing our family to take this wonderful vacation to the beach. I see now why my cycle would be MUCH BETTER in October although I REALLY wanted to be pregnant with my friend Jen, I understand. I pray we travel safe and stay healthy on our trip. Thank you for all you provide for us daily. AMEN


  1. Enjoy your vacation! The beach looks gorgeous and I am like you...I adore the beach and the sea and the ocean air and seagulls and....all of it! Have a wonderful time and do some relaxing for me!

  2. The beach looks beautiful! Have a wonderful vacation! Thank you for sharing your message to God - you have an amazing outlook and He has the plan for the best timing for your family. Getting away from it all for now sounds fantastic!

    love ya,
    jen (BBC)

  3. Getting myself caught up on everything and praying for October! Are you still on vacation? Let me know when you get back and let's catch up via tele! Love you....

  4. EWCM= egg white cervical mucous.... the good fertile kind. Haha.