Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been calling my RE since we got back from VACA and FINALLY got to talk to the nurse today. I told her AF still has not shown up and she said "you mean the Dr. never put you on progesterone or anything when your cycle got cancelled?" And I said "no, he told me that in 2-14 days I should have AF again." I am thinking that my surgery has my system "all jacked up" and so it is taking longer.

She went on to say that he is out of town right now and will be back tomorrow and she would call me with his instructions tomorrow and then she said this........"AND YOU KNOW, THIS MAY DELAY THINGS WITH THIS CYCLE." I just wanted to SCREAM!!!!!!!

And I'm thinking HOW??? How could this delay a transfer that is 7 1/2 weeks away????? All you women out there who have had your cycles manipulated by the RE masters know that this is more than enough time to get my bod back in sync right? Give a sister some reassurance would ya?

UGH that's all I can say, UGH! AND that I wish I were back on the beach!!!


  1. First hope you had a Fabulous Vacay! Second yes I think your bod can be back in sync in 7 1/2 weeks. Hang in there.

  2. That is super annoying! I would think that would be ample time to re-adjust. Strange, at least he is back soon and can give you some answers.

  3. I don't see how it could delay your transfer taht is scheduled for 7.5 weeks from now. It seems they shoudl start you on BCP's, then lupron, then stop the BCP's, then you'd get your AF, then start on the rest of the meds (which takes 2-3 weeks) and then transfer. I'm thinking all of this should take about 5 weeks at most. Unless they have you on some other kind of protocol. Hopefully you can clear this up with the doc. We're hoping for that autumn transfer!

  4. Why didn't you call me??? Arlene is CRAZY- no way they can't get you fixed up in 7.5 weeks- all you need is some meds to start your period- and why would he put you on Progesterone after your cycle was cancelled? Don't worry- Arlene must have been confused!!!!


  5. No, there's no way this would delay it! When we needed my AF to start, I only did a week and a half of BC and it started! Then you'd still have 6 weeks to transfer! That's plenty of time!

    I she was just saying that to play it safe, and didn't really mean it.

  6. Hey nice to "meet" you! I am glad you were able to be matched on Miracles Waiting. As you probably saw by m blog: On the IF Road, we were matched through them too!! Keep me updated please!