Thursday, August 6, 2009


It was mine and my DH's choice to cancel our FET cycle. I could have gone on & had him drain it but we are not willing to put our baby embies at ANY risk.

All medicine is stopped & I will be having surgery to remove my left fallopian tube ASAP (I'm hoping next week) and then restart a new cycle with my next period. STUPID TUBE!

I will now resume sulking and feeling sorry for myself for a few days and then I will be sinking my toes into the Florida sand on August 20th.

I know this is God's plan but I just don't like it right now. I must keep my embies best interest in my heart.


  1. I totally understand your disappointment. Praying for you...

  2. so sorry..this is a tough day for you. go to florida rest and come back ready for a fresh start...

  3. I am so proud of you!!! You made the same difficult, but loving choice I would have made. It will be ok, I promise- think of all the gals who got pregnant after their cancelled cycles. I know that you know that God's timing is perfect.

    Soon this will all be a distant memory and you will be counting weeks until your babies are born!!!

    I'm here for you!!!

  4. Brave of you to make the selfless decision. The one that will give your babies the best shot at life. I'm so sorry for the disappointment though. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and you have a quick recovery. Before long you'll have a new cycle schedule in your hands!

  5. I am sorry. I know you must be disappointed.
    I hope that the surgery goes well and AF comes soon, so that in a few short months, you'll be holding you baby in your arms, and not thinking about all the waiting that happened to get to that point. It will be worth it!

  6. I am sorry that you had to cancel this cycle,which I agree that it was the safest thing to do.But even so I know it must hurt a bit and be frustrating.I had a cancelled cycle too so I know it is hard.But I did get pregnant the very next cycle that we tried.So hang in there you will be pregnant before you know it.