Monday, October 19, 2009


I was so WORKED UP Friday thinking I may be ovulating & have free fluid on my u/s, I forgot to ask about my lining.

Dr.'s office called today to say its "PERFECT" at 12mm and trilaminar-YIPPEE! Wonder what it will be on Thursday for the transfer?

My acupuncturist called to confirm our appointment today. I asked her if a money order would be acceptable payment and she said "GROOVY!" Hello California LINGO! LOVE IT! She said she would spend about 45 minutes before my FET and 45 minutes after my FET for my acupuncture sessions. That plus the VALIUM-I should be one RELAXED MAMA!

Can't forget to buy that pineapple on the way back to the hotel. Eating the core supposedly helps those babies attach and I will do whatever it takes if I remotely think it will help them bond with their mama!

I am starting to get my suitcase packed. Its still surreal.

Oh, and I have BIG LUMPS in my rear from the progesterone but it will be SO WORTH IT!

We told our friends and when I told her she said "I AM THRILLED FOR YOU!" She totally understood why we didn't share earlier. What a blessing to have so many friends lifting us and our sweet little "jewels" (embryos) up! Thank you ALL! 3 days and I will be PUPO!

Thank you so much Lord for all the support you have given us during this embryo adoption. Thank you for all those praying for our babies to live. Thank you for everything. AMEN


  1. YAY for a perfect lining! So you are taking a valium. The prescribed my a diazapam. depending on the time of our transfer I'm definitely gettting a massage. But not sure about taking a diazapam.

  2. Time to relax!!!! Congrats on your PERFECT lining!!!


  3. I am so excited for you and have been thinking about you everyday!! This is YOUR time... I can feel it!! xoxoxoxo

  4. ok.. I'm waiting for the good news!!! Can't wait!

  5. Woohoo! It's all come together. This is the week! Will you be able to post from California? Or will we have to wait for you to get home? I think the weather out here will be very nice for your stay! Good luck! Thoughts and prayers with you and your embies.