Monday, October 12, 2009

Looking Good (I THINK?)

NO, THIS IS NOT MY UTERUS :) I just wanted to show those who may not know what the Dr. is looking for at this point what it is suppose to look like. The green out line is the trilaminar or "TRIPLE STRIPE" which is VERY GOOD! The red outline is the thickness of the uterus. The below uterus is perfect for a FET. Mine is ALMOST it's twin. Today my uterus is triple stripe with a thickness of 9.2-PERFECT!

I did however have 2 concerns. I had three small "inactive cysts" on my left ovary-she could tell for sure that I did not ovulate and they weren't from that so that's good. I also had some "free fluid" that was not in my uterus. I have NO IDEA what that means but I am DYING to talk to my Dr's office to make sure they approve of this ultrasound. I will post as soon as I know! 10 days to go peeps!!

Dear Lord, I know you want this transfer to take place. I also know you want these little ones to survive. I have depended on you SO MUCH lately to keep me sane & I continue to draw ALL my strength from you. I just KNOW this is going to work out. I know I have so many people praying for me. I am thankful for Jen, A & H, My selfless donor couple, my DH and many other bloggy friends. I just pray that they will continue to lift me and these little ones up and all will go smoothly & according to YOUR PURPOSE. We promise to dedicate these precious ones to you. AMEN


  1. My, my, what a lovely uterus you must have! It sounds just perfect for a transfer! Hopefully your concerns are nothing that will hold up or affect the transfer. I can't see how they could. Besides, only 10 more days! Yahooooooooo!

  2. Hang in there!!! All will be fine- 10 days and you will be pregnant with twins!!!


  3. Yay for a great U/s. Did you have a baseline u/s? if you did were you on AF? I'm having my baseline on Wednesday and AF just arrived. So I'm confused.

  4. Looks perfect! I'll be crossing everything for you!!