Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm exhausted. FINALLY tonight around 7pm my RE's nurse called me back. My progesterone is 0.2 and estrogen is 822-both good & progesterone indicating I am NOT ovulating now.

The free fluid in the sonogram however... A DIFFERENT STORY. Apparently free fluid can indicate ovulation so he MUST make sure I'm not ovulating and the fluid is gone before I fly out to L.A. I am very bummed out and freaked.

The plan now is for me to go in and get a repeat u/s and progesterone on Friday and if all is well-start my other meds and progesterone on Saturday. It is possible for him to drain the fluid once I get there but he wants to make FOR SURE everything is okay.

Lord, I'm tired, I'm discouraged. Please let me know that this is what I am suppose to do. Like Jen said, "maybe this is just my "last hurdle" to prove I am serious about these babies and I will triumph." I will trust in you Lord. Where you lead I will follow even if it's not the path I want. I really want to meet my little ones, I am praying you allow it to happen as planned. Amen


  1. Hang in there- this is just a test and only another test...

    Your babies are waiting- God just wants to make sure your heart really desires these babies.


  2. We're praying, Girl!!! Psalm 139:13-16 I know you've been reading this one re: your embrys, but read it again re: YOU. He created YOUR inmost being. YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made. God's eyes saw YOUR unformed body. And All the days ordainded for YOU were written in His book!!!

    He knows what's going on inside of you....He knows........He loves you.....And he has this all planned out!

  3. Angela is absolutley right. Reading her comment gave me chills... and it is so true, we believe it not just for the embies, but for YOU. Hang in there... You're stronger than you know! xoxo

  4. Too every great thing in life requires hurdles. This is just one of those hurdles to your little ones.