Sunday, April 4, 2010

26 Weeks!

PRAISING HIM for making it to 26 weeks!

I disobeyed Dr's orders and took my 6 little ones to the Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Story at our church yesterday. I called ahead and got some people to help me with the kids so I could just sit with my tootsies UP.  I paid for it later......felt HORRIBLE the rest of the night but it was worth it to get the kids out for a bit-plus they also provided lunch so I didn't have to. I was only gone 1 1/2 hours but BOY it felt like FOREVER. I am so bummed that I have become so LAME!

I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING but sitting on the couch with my feet up & drinking ROOT BEER. I will be SO THANKFUL when my hubby FINALLY gets here in a few hours to relieve me a bit. My energy is just ZAPPED. I get out of breath going pee.

I see the Dr. Tuesday night at 7pm and I cannot wait to talk to her...They increased my BP meds on Wednesday and I think it helped a little bit but it amazes me how just 2 weeks ago I felt fine and now I am "A TRUE COUCH POTATO."

Here's ANOTHER SITE for Hospital Delivery Gowns....DELIVERING COMFORT.  They have a darling black & white polka dot on sale for $29.95 and a coupon at the top for another 10% off.

So thankful to HIM today for dying on the cross for my sins and providing me with 8 wonderful blessings for children including my little "EASTER EGG" that I am growing!

Happy Easter to you ALL! HE IS RISEN!


  1. Happy Easter,Friend! I'll be glad when your hubby gets back too! I've been worried about you and pray'n! Hope you have a better week!

  2. Happy Easter!!! Hope hubby comes back soon and you can get some rest!!

  3. Happy Easter I am still here for support if you need it. Just get my number from jen. Take care.Hang in there hun.

  4. I remember how much grief you gave me at 26 weeks about not doing anything and I was carrying twins!!! Rest up and please try to follow doctor's orders- you only have one chance to create this baby.


  5. Hey Jen,

    Bec and I are coming through kansas for sure this Thursday adn home on Sat/Sun time frame. Thought you should know but hesitant to stop by. The baby needs you stress free and laying down not up and visiting! I just didn't want yout o see the pictures and wonder why we didn't stop.

    Lovin' the updates and belly photos!


  6. Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while. Trying to get used to caring for my baby Bunny and my, how the days seem to fly!

    I'm glad you had a good Easter and the kids got to hunt for eggs, but tsk, tsk for disobeying the doctor! Don't worry about needing to be a couch potato right now - whatever you are doing is working because here you are at 26 weeks!

    Hope your next doc appt goes well!

  7. You are looking amazing!! I love the fashionable gowns too... ooh la la!

  8. happy easter to you and the egg!!