Tuesday, April 20, 2010

28 Week STUFF!

I am out of breath just showering and getting ready UGH!

Yes, that's her leg above her head :)

I ordered some SWANK thank you notes from EBAY.
Aren't they TOO CUTE?
$15 for 30 cards.

Now on to the exciting news... As most of you know, this is my 8th child.  I have never had a baby shower for any of my adopted babies!  My homeschool group moms are having my FIRST EVER baby shower for me and I could NOT BE MORE EXCITED & THRILLED! It's Saturday. I know it sounds dumb but I have always dreamed of registering for a shower & being at one-surrounded with family and friends. I took 20 minutes (as long as I can be on my feet) and registered at Target yesterday. IT FELT GOOD!


I had my appointment yesterday. We did a regular sono, 3-D sono, my 28 week glucose-PASS, & 24 hour urine protein. 

I won't have the results of the protein test back until today or tomorrow. That will tell the real story. The only concerning thing yesterday was the level of amniotic fluid. It is now on the lowest side of normal which is very common in pregnant moms with hypertension.  They will be monitoring the fluid carefully from here on out. I am on modified bed rest until the birth of the baby and my church just emailed me that they will be brining in meals while my husband is at work.. I CRIED... WHAT A BLESSING. A blessing I would NEVER ask for but truly need.


  1. you look mar-ve-lous! So happy you are this far along. Come on baby... A few more weeks!


  2. That's fantastic!!! I'm so happy for you and she's beautiful! Make sure you get lots of pics of your baby shower too. Won't be long now and she will be here...Yay!

  3. How exciting about the shower!!! You deserve it! And I love the cards. Very chic. Praying for you in these last weeks.

  4. Ahhh! What sweet pics! You're looking good, girl! And I'm so happy your church is helping you out. I'm praying for you bunches! And it is so amazing how far you've come! God is good! Enjoy every minute of your shower, you deserve it!

  5. Looking good!

    Have FUN at your shower!!! YAY!!

    PS. Send me your snail mail address so I can send you my lil blog giveaway!

  6. That is SO cool about the meals! Truly the church being the church! I know I have a hard time asking for (or accepting) help, even when I truly need it. Just relax as much as you can, take what they are offering in love, and do your REAL work... cookin' that baby for a little while longer! LOL! :-)

  7. I am so happy for you!!!! I love the photo and your big, beautiful belly!!!!

    Praying for great news- low numbers on the 24 hour urine!!! Please let me know asap!!!


  8. So, so happy for you! You are positively glowing! What great people at your church to know when to step in an help.

  9. Look at her! She's so adorable... her little lips are to die for! SO excited for you to have a well deserved shower, finally! Yah!!

  10. Well, gosh, for someone on bed rest, you look beautiful! And, no kidding, your baby girl looks like she is smiling in the u/s!!!

    I have to say, I'm sort of glad the doc put you on modified bed rest because otherwise, you would go, Go, GO and take care of everyone else while putting yourself last. This way you HAVE to focus on yourself a bit more.

    The thank you cards are very cool, and the people in your church, collaborating to feed you, are angels!

  11. Looking great! Praying about the fluid situation! And the hypertension too!

  12. Still lookin' hot, mama! I love the prego look, just beautiful.