Thursday, December 10, 2009


Have been my MAIN craving! Love adding some sloppy joe mix, cheese, sour cream and jalapenos on my chips! THIS HITS THE SPOT FOR BIG MAMA! Anything Mexican has been right up my alley this pregnancy! I have STRANGELY lost ALL craving for any chocolate or sweets-What is wrong with me?
Not much new here. 2 PIO shots left-YAHOOO-GOOD BYE LUMPY BUTT! We are also making plans to get the legal finalized on our 3 remaining embryos-which we will be donating to friends as soon as my 1st trimester is over. She will be doing her transfer in March-SO EXCITING!!

Oh, and the pregnancy dreams-INSANE! One night, I'm being chased by a lone gunman & the next I am living on the beach with flamingos and penguins. I have dreamed about a baby girl with pig tails? BIZARRE STUFF PEOPLE!

I have my first appointment with an OB nurse on Monday. Don't get to see my Dr. until 13 weeks-WHAT UP WITH THAT? I'm still excited! I was officially released from my RE to my OB this week-YAY! I will be 10 weeks on Saturday! God is GOOD!


  1. Okay, I'm not even pregnant but now craving nachos! :) Have fun at your appointment Monday!!!

  2. wow... it's going by fast! of course I'm not the one getting shots or sick to my stomache.. kind of makes it faster!

  3. That looks good! I am glad that all is going well.

  4. Woo-Hoo.. your shots are almost done!! I'm with ya on the nachos and I'm not even pregnant. Yummm..

  5. I craved Taco Bell. And went out with DH to splurge at Red Lobster's yummy choc dessert and literally could only take one bite! Sounds about right, friend! Happy Last Shots! Very exciting!

  6. I WANT THOSE NACHOS!!!! They look so yummy!!!

    Thanks for being my friend!!!


  7. I lost my desire for sweets and chocolate too, it has only barely started to return at the end of my pregnancy. And the dreams yes they were horrible and weird and sometimes scary. They have pretty much gone away in my third trimester though.Hang in there the nachos look yummy but I don't dare have any as my already horrible acid reflux has gotten worse in the last 2 months. Ugh!

  8. Okay, seriously, I'm not pregnant, and those nachos sound fantastic... Looks like I know what I'll be making for dinner tomorrow!

    Glad your shots are almost done. I really the PIO ones. Lumpy butt is right! :-D

    I'm very inspired that you are home alone with your crew two weeks a month! Wow! A couple of weekends at it alone, and I felt like I needed a week in Tahiti to recoup! :-) Well, maybe just a few good days of sleeping in and some shopping, but still.

    So excited for you guys!

  9. I really *hated* the PIO ones. Sorry to drop that word. That must have been confusing!