Tuesday, December 22, 2009

High Blood Pressure

I have struggled all weekend with high blood pressure. It all started Friday evening when I went to scrub my kitchen floor on my hands and knees after one of the kids spilled apple juice. I got a bit scared as just doing that little bit of work took my breath away. It took laying down for quite a while to get my breath back. I decided to go ahead and check my BP and it was 150/100. I took it a bit later and it was still 130/98. I took it first thing Saturday morning and it was still high so I called the Dr. on call.

THE DOCTOR told me to rest with my feet up and keep monitoring my BP the rest of the weekend. I told her it would be difficult to keep my feet up with 6 little ones to care for. That's when she CROSSED THE LINE. She said "MAYBE AFTER THIS BABY, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER SOME BIRTH CONTROL!"

The NERVE!!! She doesn't know me, has NO CLUE that my other 6 kids are adopted and that this baby was prayed for, worked hard for and a true MIRACLE! UGH! I WILL be discussing this with my Dr. when I see her.

It was determined that I either have chronic hypertension or PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension). At any rate, it is VERY worrisome. I started a 24 hour urine today and will turn it in tomorrow morning to see if I am spilling protein into my urine & will also be seen by the Dr. and have another BP check. I don't think I have chronic hypertension BECAUSE I have NEVER EVER had high BP in my life and my chart proves it. I have also had major swelling in my arms, legs and feet. If I have either of the conditions I will now be HIGH RISK & be seen more often. I am praying that I will be able to take a high blood pressure medicine and still be able to have a normal pregnancy. I can't WAIT until my hubby gets home on Sunday-he is SUCH a HUGE HELP!

Dear Lord,
Please protect me and the baby. Please wrap your arms around our baby and keep him/her safe. Please don't let this high blood pressure affect or harm our little miracle.


  1. Oh, Jen! Like her comment wouldn't send your BP into Orbit! AGHHHHHHHH! I'm praying, praying, praying for you! Call me if you need to chat or vent or cry!

  2. Eep. Praying they'll be able to pin down whats going on and get you set up with some meds.... Hang in there mama.

  3. Praying that your BP returns to normal soon. And that your OB survives "the talk"! ;-)

    Please keep us updated.

  4. Oh, no!!! Praying for you!

    Oh, and the nerve of that nurse! I don't think anyone has a clue what those of us who have experienced infertility go through. I would DEFINITELY talk to the doctor and express my dissatisfaction with the nurse.

  5. Why can't it ever just be easy? You go through so much to finally get pregnant--you'd think you would get an easy pregnancy, right?! You must be so scared--I'm thinking of you!

  6. You know I'm thinking of you all the time & praying for you & little one... Sending you a million hugs.

    I am REALLY fighting the urge to find this "doctor" and give her a peice of my mind.... as well as a knock in the face. Who says that?!


  7. The nurse shouldn't have said that! Try to take it easy.. but I know that must be hard for you since you have all of your little ones. You're in our thoughts!

  8. Try to relax as much as possible... God is in control.

    Praying for you!!

  9. I am very worried about you having such high blood pressure this early in your pregnancy. I hope your doc is able to get it under control and hey, lady, no more washing the floor on your hands and knees for a while!

    As for the comment from the doctor, you should have laughed and said, "Well, seeing as my 6 kids are ADOPTED I'm not sure that putting ME on birth control will help" - and that would have shut her up and made her feel embarrassed. She'd be tripping over herself to apologize to you.

    Anyway, take cre of yourslef and that baby!

  10. I'm so sorry about that comment. How rude. Glad you're going to talk to her.

    I will pray that your BP gets better. Thinking of you!!

  11. I hope you had some snappy retort ready for her. Even if your kids were not adopted... HOW RUDE!!!

    Best wishes for your health and the continued health of the baby.