Monday, November 9, 2009


My RE doctor called to congratulate me on Friday. He said I have "solid numbers" and wished me a great pregnancy.

I had LOTS of questions for him. The first being

"CAN I STILL RIDE ON THE BACK OF OUR HARLEY?" He chuckled and said "No, you have worked too hard to get pregnant, I just don't want you bouncing around on the back of the bike."

So much for our end of the season ride and this most likely means I will be "OUT" for Sturgis next year LOL!
Also, no more 4-wheeler, go-cart OR jumping on our trampoline with the kids LOL!
I guess I never thought of all this stuff before!

I am feeling good. Just VERY TIRED, sore boobs, a smidge of nausea, constipation, frequent bathroom trips and I just FEEL bigger than I am LOL! Yesterday at church, I felt like "everyone knew I was preggers." I am paranoid, what can I say?
The PIO shots have also caused a rash on my rear end. IT ITCHES LIKE MAD! I have the choice to either continue having an itchy rear or do 3 vaginal suppositories a day which sounds like NO FUN! I really do not want to put anything up there so for now I am sticking to the shots!
I am 5 weeks 2 days already! Which means their little heart/hearts have already begun to beat. Hard to believe! God is so amazing! I will have my sono in one week! So exciting!


  1. You HAVE worked hard for these little ones! I bet you're sad to miss out on the motorcycle etc... but maybe you can picture yourself in the future in a side car with a baby carrier!!!

  2. YAY! Sorry about the Harley but it is all worth it in the end. I know we are both looking forward to Monday. You find out that it's twinkies and My twinkies get put where they belong :)

  3. Yeah! I'm so happy that all is going well with you and your baby(ies). Can't wait to hear how the sono goes next week!

  4. I couldn't be HAPPIER for you!!! Can't wait for the sono next week!!!! Can I be on the phone when it happens???


  5. Keep on itchin'! Is will be SO worth it in the end!!! :-) So happy for you! :-)

  6. yeah! and double yeah! i love clickin on your site and readin the good news. :)

  7. I am so happy [and a bit jealous! :)] of you! I hope and pray that I will have the same news to share soon!!!

  8. Bummer about the Harley rides! I wouldn't have thought of that either! I can't WAIT until next Monday!!!

  9. Congratulations! That's wonderful to hear!

  10. So nice of your doc to call you! How sweet. Yeah, there are a few beloved things that have to get pushed to the back burner, but oh, what a good cause, eh?! For me, I miss sushi and red wine. Anyway, I am SO looking forward to your sonogram next week! yay!

  11. Great news! And you are hilarious! But on the serious side. Don't let the rash go.. Mine started to get swollen and made me sick...I felt like crap..and didn't really realize it until I switched to vaginal. Don't mess around with it if your body is telling you it's not liking the meds. We also switched from sesame seed oil to one that was cotton seed oil based in between our first FET and second one. It was more money but worth it.
    No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Girlfriend!

  12. I found you through Michele's blog. I've also adopted embryos and will be undergoing a FET next year. I hope it's okay I continue to follow you! Congrats on your pregnancy!