Wednesday, November 25, 2009


YOUR PRAYERS WORKED! Jen called and ALL IS WELL with her twinkies-PRAISE THE LORD and thank you for your prayers. She is now at home resting peacefully!

I was convinced this baby was a boy until tonight.... When I puked for the first time. I was very sick with my dd when I was pregnant 20 YES 20 years ago at age 19. Since I hadn't puked yet and was just nauseous, I assumed I was having a boy. God is so funny! He's really got me confused now!

It is taking LITERALLY EVERYTHING I HAVE to cook Thanksgiving dinner as the smell of anything but toast makes me want to puke!

I am NOT COMPLAINING-just keepin' it real! I puked and right after thanked the good Lord for my blessing. Being sick reminds me that everything is okay and baby is growing wonderfully! Thank you for that constant reminder Lord.

Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving!


  1. Glad everything is well with Jen!

    Hope you feel better and you're able to enjoy Thanksgiving!!

  2. When I was pregnant with the triplets, I couldn't cook or I would vomit all over everything. It was bad but nice b/c Jeff did all the cooking until I was over it.

    So glad your friend is better.

  3. So excited for you and glad that Jen's twinos are doing well. Who knew that you can be joyful about vomit??? Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. Praying for you and your little one!

  4. Thanks so much for the update on Jen. I'm so sorry you are sick. Kind of a bummer for Thanksgiving.

  5. Happy puking, I mean, Happy Thanksgiving! Praying for your miracle!

  6. So glad to hear Jen's okay!

    Glad to hear you're having morning sickness- a sign that everything is going well! (Preggy Pops are great for morning sickness, it may be worth a try).

  7. Glad to hear Jen is better. And you - you're so funny - I laughed out loud at reading that you puked and right after thanked the Good Lord for your blessing! Now that's gratitude! But seriously, I too heard that if you have more symptoms, like morning sickness, acne, etc during pregnancy, it could be that you are having a girl and the female-female hormones are what put you into overload, whereas with a boy, there is no hormonal conflict and the pregnancy is more likely to be smooth sailing -- but who knows?!