Saturday, February 20, 2010

20 WEEKS!!

I LOVE The way THE JUNK IN MY TRUNK is bigger than the BABY IN MY BELLY!

My next OB visit is Tuesday so I have to start peeing my big 24 hour urine jug Monday.  Which means EVERYWHERE I GO, THE JUG GOES! I just KNOW I still have protein in my urine, I can just tell. My pee has smelled funny from the beginning of this pregnancy.

I have had a sinus infection and am on antibiotics for that but feeling better. I have SO MISSED my daily allergy meds while I've been pregnant. I'm allergic to EVERYTHING and I think that is adding to my infection.

OH THE HEARTBURN!!! It is VERY PAINFUL! I will be asking my OB about it on Tuesday to see if I can take anything cause the TUMS ain't cuttin' it!

I am craving sour cream and sour cream based DIPS. Sour Cream and Onion, Sassy Salsa and just plain old Doritos dipped in sour cream-YUM!!  My previous obsession with chocolate has not returned??  According to my scale, I have only gained 5 pounds since my last appointment a month ago but I feel bigger.

Overalll, I am feeling GREAT!!  I still can't believe I'm pregnant. Every once in a while I feel a little flutter but I truly thought I would be feeling more by now??????

Can't wait to see my little girl again on Tuesday for reassurance!  Have a good weekend all!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I am 1/2 way to BABY!!


  1. You are so funny! Your little girl must be pretty hairy for you to have so much heartburn! =) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Jen, the mix of blessings you get when pregnant can be overwhelming.
    Two words: Neti Pot. Around of ten dollars at walmart or your local pharmacy. Worth every penny and then some! I have had allergies and sinus problems my whole life, and being pregnant is no exception. That is, UNTIL the NETI POT. It is amazing!! I have not had a single sinus infection since I started using it.

    I have no suggestions for the heart burn. Other than try not to eat too much meat, I find that that aggravates mine. That is no fun! I am blessed to only suffer from such heart burn till after 30 weeks.

    Oh and girl, there is no shame in having junk in the trunk! Give it some time and your bumps will even out, and before you know it, the baby bump will be bigger. :)

  3. Jen, you look fantastic!!! So sorry for the heartburn... ouch!

  4. Jen, you look beautiful!!! I agree with the previous post about the Neti Pot... it really works! Also, I heard that you can help curb heartburn by making sure you are getting enough calcium. When I was pg (obviously before my loss) I had bad heartburn and once I started taking calcium, it went away.

    YEAH! Half way mama!!

  5. Sour Cream cravings?! - Yuck! :)

    You look great - Can't wait to hear about your next OB appointment and how she's doing. :)

  6. Praying for a great OB appt! Lord, I pray that you will keep Jen and her baby healthy! And that any signs of Pre-E will be absent! We pray that Jen's BP goes down too! Thank you heavenly Father for this amazing woman, who you've chosen to be a mother to many! And for this incredibly miracle growing inside of her! Who knew your plans for these frozen little miracles to get a chance at life while making the barren women a joyful mother of children! Praise You, Lord! You are so Good! Amen!

  7. You look great and I hope your appt goes well!

  8. Found your blog and just got caught up from the beginning. Very excited for you!


  9. I hear you on the heartburn!! It was my only complaint during pregnancy-I lived on Mylanta, drank it straight out of the bottle! I wish someone had told me about calcium!

    YES YES Neti pot and saline nasal mist(I recommend OCEAN)...I used to get sinus infections every 6-8 weeks and have been infection free since Dec. 2007!

    1/2 way there!!! YAY!!