Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Remaining Embies-A GOOD DAY!

I am VERY EXCITED to say that we will be passing our 3 remaining precious blasts off to a WONDERFUL COUPLE!

We got the adoption agreement from our attorney today! We are very excited to sign it, get it to our clinic in L.A. and get her on her way to pregnancy!

Praying that she will have a February or March transfer! Which means that our kids would just be months apart! Our original donor couple had their baby in November so our baby will be 8 months younger than that baby! WHAT A MIRACLE!

To our recipient couple-WE LOVE YOU and are THRILLED for you!

As far as I go, I am feeling MUCH less nauseous! I am SO EXCITED about our sonogram on Monday! I feel kind of in "limbo" and like I haven't been to the doctor in forever! It's like if I don't hear the heart beat or feel anything... AM I STILL PREGNANT? I know, I'm a worry wart but I don't know if I will feel complete ease & comfort until this sweet one is in my arms safely.


  1. That's so great the you found someone that you can be excited for. It must be a tough choice! Or, maybe it wasn't and it came totally natural and you just knew?! Will you find out the gender on Monday? So exciting!

  2. SO exciting!!! Maybe when they are all older, you can have a "sibling" reunion once a year. :-)

  3. Awww, how amazing and how sweet of you!! I'm so happy for you!!

  4. How wonderful of you to pass on the blessing! I often think about our baby's siblings and wonder whether (or, more likely, when) our son will want to meet his brother and sister. And whether they will be receptive to that. I hope so! What a way to bring people closer together. Beautiful.

  5. I think that is WONDERFUL!! What a blessing!! I hope they are pregnant soon :)

  6. What a story! And more to be written! This is very exciting! God bless.