Tuesday, September 14, 2010




Any other UNLUCKY souls have this happen? EWW!!!!  I'm just not ready......

I am REALLY, SERIOUSLY fighting the baby weight also.
It is SO HARD to lose.
I have been put on water pills to decrease the swelling I still have in my hands and feet.
It's brutal.

BUT looking at that sweet smile above makes it ALL WORTH IT!


  1. Oh pooh! I hate it when that happens! I guess I was one of the lucky ones that didn't start it until I was completely done BFing. It was great to chat with you last week ;)

  2. She is SO cute and getting so big! Sorry about your unwelcome visitor. :o(

  3. Fun times! What a great picture!

  4. Mine came back almost exactly 3 months after I had my little boy. It really hurt my milk production too. I had to supplement every month when the old hag (AF)was in town.

    Cute picture!!

  5. Ick!! I bled for 4.5 weeks so I'm hoping that will give me a repreive from aunt flo coming back too soon!! You both look beautiful!!

  6. With my little girl nursing postponed AF for almost 4 months (nursed her for 14 months). With my first son, he leached everything I had to give and I had to wean him (after 12 months nursing) to get prego again.
    This time around I got a marina IUD that has some low hormone and sure enough, AF is in town and my baby is only 7 weeks! I feel your AF pain. Oh the pain of trying to lose the baby weight. It is brutal! But as you said, totally and completely worth it!!
    Little B is adorable!

  7. It looks like Blakely loves her mommy! :)

  8. She and YOU are beautiful. Give yourself time for goodness sakes. More pictures please!!

  9. LOVE the photo!!! Now we can be Cycle Sisters as well- lol!!!

    Wasn't it quite the obnoxious surprise- personally worse than EVER before!!!

    Hugs Cycle Sister!!!

  10. Yep...I got mine in less than 3 months! My AF has a clock and she refuses to let someone else dictate her timing! Sorry...I know it kind of sucks...but it actually may help your hormones regulate and help with the swelling/weight loss...I know it did for me.

  11. I'm not going to be much help. After our next baby I will be seeking tx for AF. I have 9day long periods now that are the worse ever! I'm so sorry it's back already! I can't wait to be pg again! When I started weaning babies is when my period came back.

    As far as weight goes. I think the water pill will help you! Drink a ton of water if you're not and eat a ton of protein! After 2 Years...hear me? TWO years! I've just got to my pre-pregnancy weight. I wasn't really trying hard until last month. I know I've lost more inches than the little 5lbs but it feels good! But then I look in the mirror and realize I have so much more to go! Hopefully I can loose 10lbs before our next try!

    The joys of being a woman!

  12. love love LOVE that picture!!!!!

  13. Um...has anyone told you that Blakely looks just like you?! It's true! At least from this photo. Wow. Everyone looks at my baby, then me, and says, "Where are YOU in there?" Lucky you!

    As far as AF, guess what....I haven't had it yet, and my baby is 6 months old. Another blogger got hers at 7 months out, so maybe mine is around the corner. I'm happy to be without it for as long as possible!

  14. I gave you an award over at my place today! ((HUGS))

  15. Jenn, I have a friend that is thinking about embryo adoption and I knew you'd be the best person for her to be in touch with. Can I give her your contact info? What's the best way for her to get a hold of you? You can email me back via my blog. Hope all is well and sorry about AF... she LOVES to visit, doesn't she?!!